Once you have decided on a lipbalm, you must create your label, either by yourself, or by a third party (advertising / design shop).

Then forward the design to (the printer at Flexoprint, account executive, Bev Law +27 (0)82 4533 691)
- NB see footnote on formats to be used.
Failure to follow the tecnical requirements may result in distortions / misunderstandings which will inevitably result in delay in the final product.
Pantone colour references are to be placed on the label design, as one cannot rely on the colour shown on the computer monitor, This is critical.

Formats to be used
requirements for label print are as follows:
Artwork in Freehand 8 file format us our first choice and is highly recommended. However, if this is not possible, then Illustrator 8 would be second choice. Wherever possible, do not use QuarkXpress or Photoshop.

At all times Pan colour ref. No's need to be used or colour samples/swatches.

For proofing purposes we suggest that making PDF files using Acrobat or making a jpeg from the original file for veiwing purposes. However these files will not be sufficient for final films.

We will require a lead-time of at least three days from
reciept of artwork to final cromalin. Changes will also require at least two days to implement. Once approved, three days will be required for final repro and plates.

We have also agreed that we will make two final cromalin proofs. One will be kept here at Flexoprint, the other will go to the client. We also need a faxed confirmation of approval from the client before we proceed.

Please note the size of the label is 37mm x 60mm and ensure that an 8mm gap is left at the foot of the label to allow for an overlap when labelling.

We will use the following guidelines and review them if neccessary.

It will take three weeks to print the labels, starting from the approval of the label, through to delivery at Sun Factor Labs.